NGC 7000 - "The North American Nebula" - In Cygnus

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Subject Notes:
    ~ Coming Soon ~
Imaging Details:
Imaging Date:   June 21-22, 2004
Imaging Site:   ARGO - Oregon, USA
Seeing Conditions:   Excellent
Telescope:   Takahahsi FSQ-130F w/Field Flattener @ F7.68 (999mm)
Imaging Camera:   Pentax 6x7 II, Kodak PPF Pro 400
Mount & Guiding:   Astro-Physics AP900GTO. Guided with SBIG STV with E-Finder
Exposure:   Summed combined 1 hour and 30 minute exposures in Registar.
Processing Notes:   Photoshop - Adjustment to curves, levels, cropped, and re-sampled down (resized).

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