M51 "The Whirlpool Galaxy" - In Canes Venatici

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Imaging Details:
Imaging Date:   July 1-6th, 2003
Imaging Site:   ARGO, Oregon - USA
Seeing Conditions:   Poor - Low on the horizon much of the time and partially obscured by forest fire smoke.
Telescope:   Celestron 14 @ F11 (3910mm)
Imaging Camera:   ST-10XME w/CFW-8A and FLI DF-2
Exposure:   LRGB - Luminance 290 min (Binned 1x1), RGB = 35x50x80 Minutes (Binned 2x2)
Mount & Guiding:   AP900GTO, Guided with on camera guide chip.
Processing Notes:   Dark subtracted, using Sigma combined master darks, and MaxIm DL/CCD. Then 10 iterations of Lucy-Richardson De-convolution applied to the Luminance channel using CCDSharp. Then DDP applied once to luminance channel, then again to the LRGB color combined image in MaxIm.
Photoshop - Levels, curves, slight color balance, saturation, and unsharp mask sharpening.

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