M33 - Spiral Galaxy In Triangulum

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Subject Notes:
This type Sc spiral galaxy is approx. 2.3 million light years away, and is a member of the "Local Group" of galaxies. The total light of this galaxy is equal to a star of magnitude 5.3, but it is about 1 degree in diameter so it has a relatively low surface brightness.

Imaging Details:
Imaging Date:   September 2nd-9th, 2005
Imaging Site:   ARGO, Oregon - USA
Seeing Conditions:   Poor
Telescope:   Takahashi TOA-130F @ F7.68 (999mm)
Imaging Camera:   SBIG STL-11000M
Mount & Guiding:   AP900GTO, Guided with on camera guide chip.
Exposure:   LRGB - Luminance 70 Minutes (Un-Binned 1x1), RGB = 60x60x60 Minutes (Binned 2x2)
Processing Notes:   MaxIm DL/CCD - Dark subtraction calibration, aligned and median combined
Photoshop - Levels, curves, slight color balance, saturation, and unsharp mask sharpening.

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