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I have always been awed by the Universe around us. Capturing views of the sky with photography has been a long time aspiration, and delving deeper into these limitless mysteries with the great reach of telescopes and sensitive CCD imaging equipment provides enormous satisfaction.

This image of the famous "Whirlpool Galaxy," is one of my favorite "Deep Sky" objects and is, of course, the namesake for this web-site.

Capturing images created by the few ancient photons of light that have travelled so far and so long to reach us is challenging and exciting. There is a remarkable and satisfying sense of discovery when images are obtained of distant places in the Universe. Every image of the "Deep Sky" holds the potential for discovery, and every clear night is a new adventure!

As my arsenal of imaging equipment is upgraded and new techniques are learned, I expect image quality and subject matter will improve substantially. The web-site will also evolve significantly over time. I expect to add many research aids and links, as well as provide interesting details about each of the subjects that are imaged.


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