NGC-708 "The Fath" - Galaxy Cluster In Andromeda

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Imaging Details:
Imaging Date:   July 29-30th, 2003
Imaging Site:   Argo, Oregon - USA
Seeing Conditions:   Good
Telescope:   Celestron C-14 @ F11 (3910mm)
Imaging Camera:   ST-10XME w/CFW-8A
Exposure:   Luminance 7x300s (35 minutes)
Mount & Guiding:   AP-900GTO, Guided with on-camera guide chip.
Processing Notes:   Sigma rejection combine of dark frames.
MaxIm DL/CCD - Dark subtracted, and sum combined.
CCDSharp - 5 Iterations of Lucy-Richardson Deconvolution.
MaxIm DL/CCD - Mild DDP
Photoshop - Levels, curves, star-shaping, de-graining and slight unsharp mask sharpening.

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