The Challenge
I use a variety of cameras, lenses, and telescopes for imaging, and the arsenal of equipment is slowly but surely upgraded over time. Photographing and presenting finished images of our celestial neighbors is a complex, and technical challenge that demands extraordinarily precise equipment, and attention to detail. The cost for obtaining extraordinary images is high and requires much time, patience, and experience.

The monetary, and technical obstacles are just part of the equation - Weather, seeing conditions, light pollution from developed areas and cities, stray satellite, meteor, and airplane light trails are constant sources of imaging problems because of the long exposures involved. Wind, bugs, dew, frost, power failure, computer glitches.. The list of things that complicate astronomical imaging goes on, and on....

All of these issues contribute to the challenge and make the reward of a "good" image all the more satisfying.

The Equipment
Currently, I use five telescopes; a Starmaster 14.5" Hybrid, a Celestron 14, a Takahashi TOA-130F, FSQ-106N, and the diminutive Takahashi FS-60C. For piggy back and "prime focus" photography, I use Mamiya 6x7cm, Pentax 6x7cm, and Canon 35mm and digital cameras with appropriate lenses. My CCD equipment consists of an SBIG STV and the ST-10XME. These are used to guide and image with these telescopes using my Astro-Physics AP900GTO and AP1200GTO mounts.

Equipment Images (Descriptions)

Starmaster 14.5" Hybrid Dobsonian with GOTO and tracking.

Takahashi TOA-130F (4" Focuser) & Takahashi FSQ-106N.

Celestron 14" on AP900GTO mount.

Celestron 14" on AP1200GTO mount.

Takahashi TOA-130F and Celestron 14" on ARGO Piers.

More pictures of the equipment and "Tips, Tricks, and Techniques" soon to come!

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